Dear Portfolio Reader,

The essay that you are about to read is an essay focused on rhetoric. In this class I learned that the definition for rhetoric is the art of writing effectively. For this essay I was tasked in writing on a topic that highlights effectively using language to, ultimately, win over an audience. Since, the focus of the essay is so broad, the topic for the essay was pretty much open-ended. My essay, “Batman Versus Everyone” makes the argument that Batman is the greatest superhero ever.

This essay was somewhat difficult because the process of creating it was slightly unconventional. For example, credible sources for my topic included comic books and movies rather than peer reviewed academic papers. The topic itself is different than the other topics I had to write about in the academic setting.

Beginning the essay was probably the most difficult part of this assignment. First of all, choosing a topic proved to be a great challenge. Since I could have literally wrote about anything I had six or seven ideas of what to write about in my head. Ultimately I decided to write about something that I know about and that I talk about with my friends, I choose to write about Batman. Since I wanted to write about Batman being the greatest superhero I had to choose some central points of argument. Because of the length requirement I was restricted to three-to-five page. I had to narrow down the important aspect to why Batman is the greatest superhero. In my final draft I ended up using six pages. Even though my essay ran a little long I felt that it was necessary to support my argument. All of my examples used were meant to highlight Batman’s difference in work ethic and self-discipline.

Although this essay proved to be difficult at moments it was my favorite essay to write. It was enjoyable because I was given the opportunity to write about something I really wanted to write about. It was also surprising to me that I was able to write an essay on this topic while following academic discourse and rhetoric. This process helped me learn that I can write about anything with effectiveness and with an academic intent.

Thank you,

Bernie Gabriel

Batman Versus Everyone

Batman Versus Everyone – Draft#1


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