Dear Portfolio Reader,

Through out this course a constant practice that was utilized to help me learn how to write stronger and to constantly improve my writing was the process of revision. A portion of this course that exemplifies this process is the weekly reading responses.

In these assignments I was instructed to write a one-page response to the readings that were read that week. These responses had to include an epigraph, a critical question or angle, and a relation to outside sources. The epigraph was fun to search for. I usually search for an epigraph after my response was written, this way I could relate it to my response better. For the epigraphs often searched the Internet for relative quotes. The critical question was the toughest part of this assignment. Since the structure of the response was similar to a free write I had to think of what I wanted to relate the reading to by myself. Finding relevant critical angles proved to be a challenge for me. For the relation to outside sources I often used my recollections from previous readings. However, the relation to outside sources can be from anything such as movies, book, T.V. shows, etc.

For the first five reading responses my instructor gave me the opportunity to revise them once they were graded and commented on. This allowed me to reflect on my mistakes and improve my response. For example in the reading response that I have provided in a link below shows that my response has many points that I can improve in. In the revision I addressed these points to the best of my ability, which ultimately improved my reading response. This helped instill a practice of revision that I can utilize in many future undertakings because everything will always have room for improvements. In the reading response that I have provided you with I hope to exemplify this process of revision.

Thank you,

Bernie Gabriel

Reading Response #3 Revision

Reading Response #3


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