Dear Portfolio Reader,

My name is Bernie Gabriel. I am a second year Mechanical Engineer student at the University of California, Merced. I am writing this portfolio for my Writing 10 course where my peers and I traveled the path of learning proper academic discourse and the process of revision to further improve our art of effective writing.

As always there are ups and downs to a journey. My journey is no different. Through this journey I have developed in my progression as a writer in many ways. I faced new challenges such as writing a narrative essay as an argumentative one. For this essay I wrote about my experience of learning patience through art. This essay titled “The Art of Patience”, helped set the tone for the course by giving me an intuition of what constitutes an argument.

This course emphasized that everything is an argument. However, arguments are usually though of as confrontational, or at least I though they were. This course taught me that arguments could be something like a narrative essay, which is not very confrontational. Also the research ethics paper help emphasize this point by showing me that through effective writing I could express a strong opinion without it sounding like a rant. For my research ethics paper I wrote about the ethical controversies of graffiti. This paper titled “The Innocent Crimes of Graffiti” is definitely helpful to me especially in my field of study. In engineering research is important and this essay helped solidify a foundation for research.

I found the rhetorical essay to be the “fun” assignment, because the topic was pretty much open ended. I decided to write an essay highlighting why Batman is the greatest superhero ever. As a comic book geek I could have spent weeks writing about this. However, I had to keep in mind making my paper as effective as possible. Also I had to make the essay seem relevant through my language in the essay. In all I learned how to control a tone in this essay keeping up with an academic discourse.

For the collaborative paper, I worked with two other people, Jesan Morales and Kevin Guevara. Our essay titled, “Adidastm vs Niketm” focused on conducting an experiment that tested our question of interest, “which company provides that better soccer ball, Adidastm or Niketm?” Although the experiment was fun, I would have to say that the highlight to this paper was writing with group members. I have worked in groups before but not to the extent of writing a full-length ten-page paper with while conducting an experiment together. As an engineering student I found this very interesting because this could possibly be what my future holds, conducting tests and collaborating with a team.

Overall my experience in this course was a good one. I learned many things that I can utilize in the future to help me succeed not only in my field of study but also in everything else. The lessons learned in this course will also aid me in things as simple as conversational interactions or formulating opinions.

Thank you,

Bernie Gabriel


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