Dear Portfolio Reader,

The essay you are about to read is a research ethics paper. For this paper I was instructed to choose a topic that is ethically debatable. The entire purpose of this essay was to practice the academic discourse for research. The ethically debatable topic I choose to write about was graffiti. I choose this topic because many people view graffiti in a bad light but some people see it as beautiful works of art. In my ethical essay about graffiti I have covered the ethical stances that society views graffiti. I faced the question of the legality of the act and the question of the perception of graffiti.

In this essay it was difficult providing equal amount of evidences for both sides to the argument. For the first draft of my essay I wrote with the intent of showing the audience the perspective of graffiti artist them selves as well as supporters of graffiti. When I first began my essay I had a solid opinion of what view point I would be taking and expressing in my essay. This led me to neglect the argument opposing my view point making the essay one sided. The absence of an appropriate amount of opposition also made the essay seem less credible lowering my ethos in the paper. With my added opposing arguments I believe I have shown each side with a fair amount of examples.

The difficulty I had to insert equal evidences for both sides of the argument reflected my need to improve academic discourse in my writing. Since my bias was very apparent I needed to write with a consideration of sounding scholarly with academic integrity.

For my second draft of this essay I addressed this issue by including more evidence for the opposing viewpoint of my stand on the ethical views of graffiti. When I revised my essay I began to see the opposing view point more clearly, and I understood the reasons why they would oppose graffiti. However, my opinion did not change. In fact I felt that my argument grew stronger when I got to understand the opposing viewpoint. This is because I had a reference in which I used to construct a rebuttal. After I addressed these issues the essay read more clearly and scholarly.

Thank you,

Bernie Gabriel

Innocent Crimes of Graffiti

Innocent Crimes of Graffiti – Draft#2

Innocent Crimes of Graffiti – Draft#1

Innocent Crimes of Graffiti – Instructor Feedback

Innocent Crimes of Graffiti – Peer Review Feedback


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