Dear Portfolio Reader,

This essay that you are about to read is a collaborative essay, where the goal was to work together with group members to create a cohesive essay. My group consisted of Kevin Guevara and Jesan Morales. The essay prompted our group to choose a topic in which we could conduct an experiment from. The topic that my group choose asked, which company provided the better soccer ball, Adidastm or Niketm?

In the beginning it was difficult for our group to find an appropriate topic that we can expand into a full ten-page essay. Our group’s first idea was just testing the effectiveness of soil, but when it became apparent that none of us were actually interested in the topic our group member Kevin suggested that we write about comparing the effectiveness different soccer balls. Since Kevin was a big soccer fan and Jesan and I watch soccer occasionally we were apt to pursue this subject matter.

While conducting the experiment and writing the paper my group and I ran into some difficulties in collecting the data. The biggest problem was probably time management. Since we all had our own schedules we found it hard to meet up at the same time. Often my group would contact each other online to keep us updated on how their portion of the project was moving along. Another difficulty that my group faced was being consistent in the articulation of the paper. To fix this we had one person edit the final draft.

By the end of the assignment I felt comfortable working together with a group, even throughout the complications. In fact the complications were expected. I, personally, learned how to bounce ideas off of others to improve the quality of the overall final product. This goes in hand with the goal of the course, which is academic discourse, and the process of revision. This assignment also helped us network with each other and it helped me learn how to conduct myself in group projects and assignments. Our group built a bond that could help us in our personal and academic lives beyond this course.

Thank you,

Bernie Gabriel

Adidas vs Nike

Adidas vs Nike – Draft#1


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